About our Organic Farm Production:

Tuscani is a two decade old farm, naturally developed and have a number of Coconut, Mango, Neem trees and herbs grown in our farm. Now we are also into seasonal fruits, greens, vegetables, honey and free range eggs. Soon we will be able to deliver all these products directly from our farm to your house. To start with we are ready to deliver freshly harvested melons.

We have followed a purely organic and sustainable process to produce these melons. We used natural manures and fertilisers produced in the farm and prepared the soil with mulching sheet with drip irrigation for conserving water and maintaining the moisture.

To control pests and insects we have used Neem, Pungan and Panchakavya. We have also installed solar powered UV lights for controlling insects and pests. Pollination is done by our bees naturally.

Watermelon is a creeper and every stages of its growth (seed germination, vegetative, flowering and fruiting) has been carefully monitored and grown naturally.